Edwin Krieg was born on 5 May 1968 in Ingolstadt, Germany. After graduating from high-school in 1988, he went to Munich working as camera assistant for TV magazines, documentaries and short films.

Then he decided to learn his profession from the scratch doing one internship in a film lab and another in a camera rental.

Prior to his work as 2nd Unit DoP for Alexander Fischerkoesen, Jutta Pohlmann and Jürgen Jürges, Edwin served his apprenticeship assisting cinematographers Rainer Klaussmann, Igor Luther, Torsten Breuer and Franz Lustig.

In 2000, Edwin decided to start his career as cinematographer.
While working as 1.AC in Prague on a television series he met Farid Eslam. From there, he worked almost exclusively with Farid shooting music videos for czech music stars Aneta Langerová, Kryštof and Sámer Issa.

Edwin began his long-term collaboration with director Jan Litzinger in 2005, starting with a music video for gothic rock band „Lacrimosa“. From then on, they teamed up very succesfully shooting dozens of corporates and commercials for brands like BMW, MAN, Claas and Weltbild just to name a few.

Edwin worked together with first-time director Hjalmar Einarsson on a music video in Prague in 2006. They reunited in Reykjavik (Island) to shoot Einarssons debut film „BODBERI“ in 2008. The film was shot mostly before the 2008 Icelandic financial crash that shocked the world. Just by chance it became a prediction of the chaos that followed.

In 2010, Edwin signed on as cinematographer to “BARYLLI´S BAKED BEANS“. Director Gabriel Barylli and Edwin shot this comedy, which is based on a play in a remarkable tight schedule of 20 days on locations in Vienna.

Edwin shot his 3rd feature film “NOT RUDI AGAIN!“ with directors Ismail Sahin and Oona Devi Liebich Berlin. This film is a comedy about friendship that is being put to the test by Alzheimer’s disease and premiered 2015.

In recent years, Edwin went on to film commercials directed by Jan Litzinger, Stephan Hilpert, Dennis Gansel, Artur Kubiczek, Clemens Fersch, Sandro Cannova, Mario Zozin and Phuong Herzer for clients such as Sixt, Audi, BMW, MAN, Carl Gross, Real, Weltbild, Sky and McDonalds.

Edwin is living together with his family in Munich.